A Fool Just For You

Am I a fool,
To feel the way I do,
To feel this way for you,
My heart is calling out for you.
Was I a fool,
To think you could feel this way to,
To think you might want me,
And that your heart might call for mine.
Well if I’m a fool,
Then let it be know,
And let it be said,
I am a fool in love,
And I am a fool just for you.


We’ve all heard of Covidiot,
The one that wouldn’t stay,
The suggested two meters away.
Well I give you Covhypocrite,
The one who couldn’t stay,
Home when they told us to.
Some people are a stain,
On the boxers of politics,
And should be lost in the wash.
But some stains are strong,
Like our recent Covhypocrite,
And require a long cycle.
Some Covhypocrites were humble,
And fell on their sward,
While others just cycle on.
Not caring for the damage,
They have done,
Or how it looks to everyone.
But a Covhypocrite,
Is just another form,
Of Covidiot.

What You Do To Me

I hear your name,
It sends a shiver down my spine,
I see your picture,
It sends me wild,
I feel your breath,
It sends my heart racing,
I feel your body next to mine,
It sends my mind running.

Right Place, Wrong Time

So it would seem,
My heart would be,
In the right place,
At the wrong time.

I love you,
But you can’t love me,
And I am happy,
Although you’ll never be mine.

What makes me happy you see,
Is knowing you are in love,
Even if its not with me,
I’m happy if your happy just as it should be.

Ode To Facebook Jail

I sit here in my cell,
My bars the popup I get,
When I click the status box.
The punishment is silence,
The accusation of spamming,
A crime I did not commit.
Some automated bot,
Decided my fate,
Judge jury and executioner.
And my right to appeal?
Non existent,
Hidden behind a broken feature.
So I’ll sit silent,
In my Facebook Cell,
Staring at my Facebook wall.

One Day Will You Marry Me?

I dream of a day,
I can get down on one knee,
And ask you if you’ll marry me.

But I know that for now,
These are just dreams,
And may never be.

But give me my day,
And give me my time,
I will ask you to marry me.

Words of Love

If I could write a poem that would make you love me,
I would have written it already.
If I could write a song that would make you see,
How much you really mean to me.
If words could only make you feel,
The way I feel for you.
But songs and poems and words of love,
Never mean as much as a hug.

Just Wish I Could Ask

Just thinking to myself,
On the past two years.
Should I ask you,
Even though I know,
Pretty much,
How the situation would go.

Wishing is just dreaming,
I know that already,
Love is not one sided,
Let it join you together,
In life there is two options,
Ask and be satisfied or,
Mope around and wait.

He probably won’t see,
Even if he does,
Still should I ask him.
Kneeling I would say,
Eternally be mine,
That will never happen,
That is just a dream.

I Will Always Love You

I was only kidding myself,
When is was thinking about you,
Because don’t you see,
Why would someone like you,
Be thinking about someone like me.
Our hearts are in the right place,
But that’s not together,
We could never be,
Not while you don’t have feelings,
For this lonely wreck that is me.
I have prayed for you,
Wished you’d see,
How much you,
Really mean to me,
But this just cannot be.
I love you dear friend,
But now I see,
I don’t think I can live like this,
With feelings for you,
While you don’t have feelings for me,
You have been a great friend,
But I know what I must do,
Thank you for all the good times,
Have a good life and please remember,
I will always love you.


Funerals are often said,
To be when people are laid to rest.
An ending to the person’s life,
But that doesn’t feel right.
I have found a funeral to be,
Something more akin to a sea.
A long outstretched emptiness before you,
Another journey to be got through.
But when all is said and done,
And the day has come and gone.
It isn’t the end of the person’s life,
Just the time to say goodbye.
In the weeks and months after,
The person memories linger onwards.
They are not forgotten or no more,
They stay with us for evermore.

Love In Actions

Given a word,
I’ll make it a song.
Given a world,
I’ll make it a stage.
Given a day,
I’ll make it a memory.
Given a life,
I’ll make it amazing .
Given a heart,
I’ll cherish it forever.
Given a dream,
I’ll make it a reality.
And given your hand,
I’ll hold it forever and never let go.

Oddity Of Love

Is it not strange,
How we focus on an organ,
At the centre of the body.
The pump of life,
As the control of love,
At the centre of our life.
How we say,
Each beat for each other,
And our heart in another’s hands.

One to Ten

One two,
sit in my seat,
Three four,
Wait to eat,
Five six,
See the candle sticks,
Seven eight,
Sit up straight,
Nine ten,
Start all over again

English Teacher Tease

I would talk of curtains of blue,
And talk of clouds of rain,
Or the cold of the snow.
But I don’t want to give,
English teachers the pleasure,
Of deciphering my work.
By the poem what am I saying,
Is it I’m melancholy or,
Just trying to play around.
Do your higher English on this,
And try and find where I am,
When I penned this one.

The last words (before the first kiss)

Waiting is not fun,
Given its for you,
You don’t know it yet,
But I’m after you.
Too many years of fighting
Fighting in my head,
Too many tears and too much dread.
I have done all,
I have seen you fall,
I have felt your highs,
And seen your lows.
Too many years of fighting,
Fighting in my head,
Too many tears to let this go on.
Even after this time,
I hear them ring in my head,
Will it be the last words,
Before the dread or,
The last words before the first kiss.
Too many years of fighting,
All the fighting in my head,
Too many years of the same words,
Ringing in my head,
Too many tears, time to let it go,
I love you now I know I won’t live in dread.

My Life In Your Taking

I watch my phone,
Waiting for you to call,
Knowing it will never come.
The only ring I would need,
To know you will be mine,
But it will never happen.
I would give you,
My life for your keeping,
If you would only say yes.
But here I sit,
Waiting for you,
To make the first move.

Have You Ever

Have you ever turned to putty,
At the sound of someone,
At the smell of there aftershave.
Have you ever turned to jelly,
At the sight of their hair,
At the thought of their voice.
It’s only one heart inside,
Give it all it wants,
Your never have the chance to use it again.
Felt it in the morning
Felt it in the afternoon
Have you ever felt this way
Have you ever heard another
Talk to him as you wish you could
And just felt your heart curl tight.
Have you ever found yourself,
Staring at the stars offering yourself,
Just for one night in his arms.
It’s only one heart inside,
Give it all it wants,
Your never have the chance to use it again.
Felt it today
Felt it all the yesterday’s
Have you ever felt this way
There is always a tomorrow,
But why waste today
Never let them slip away,
Tell them your heart,
Give them your life,
And never regret the day.


Torn in two by the heart I own,
For the soil of my homeland,
And the sand of my love land.
Blue skies and sun pull me one way,
The ones I love and love me pull me another,
Oh how to choose whether to stay or go.

He FriendZoned Me

I fell for him,
Like the leaves,
Did for the autumn,
I made a move,
With great intention,
I wanted to love him,
I wanted to be his,
He smiled and said,
Were just good friends,
I don’t want to ruin this,
We agreed and I left,
I wish we were together,
But it could never be,
As he FriendZoned me.

Weak At The Knees

Weak at the knees,
Sweet begins to bead,
I know you are there,
But you will never be here.
You had the eyes the smile,
The love and the hare,
My taste in music,
It was all there.
But my mind was aching,
You weren’t mine,
For the taking,
Just a friend for the making.
You will always make,
Me weak at the knees,
Make me fall in a breeze,
But you will never please.

You Are Perfect

From your beautiful brown eyes,
To your chiseled chin,
Our late night drives,
A shoulder to cry on,
The smell of smoke,
All over you skin.
Your perfect fashion sense,
The macho air,
The rough skin,
The perfectly kept hair,
The age in your eyes,
The youth in your smile.
It’s not just your looks,
But your brains,
A sense of humor to kill,
A cunning and a will,
Life knowledge,
And countless skills.
You were the answer to my prayer,
Good looked down,
And placed you there,
Knowing I needed,
Someone to care,
When I felt I was going nowhere.

Perfect Gay Straight Man

How is it,
When the perfect man,
Enters your life,
He becomes a friend,
But can’t become more.
Perfect for me,
Doesn’t mean perfect for him,
Two opposite minds,
Creates opposite worlds,
And often ends in tears.
You were,
The perfect gay man,
Understanding, accepting and friendly,
But there was one snag,
You were straight.

You Were My Dream

There were nights I would sleep,
And wish I wouldn’t wake,
Seeing you with me,
Meant walking was a heartache.
Some people said I was silly,
But all I wanted was you with me,
I knew it wasn’t meant to be,
Just you with me, you see.
You made me fearless,
Happy to let go from it all,
You will never know,
How I feel when you call.
Life will never be the same,
Knowing you won’t love me,
The way I love you,
There will never be a me and you.

When They’re Gone, They’re Gone

As phrases go,
Everyone knows,
And it’s obvious,
When they are gone,
They are gone.
But the phrase,
Has no meaning,
Until it happens.
I thought I knew,
It’s obvious to me,
Isn’t obvious to you,
I won’t see them again.
But it’s more final,
Thank I could have known,
More of an end,
Than your mind can show.
When they’re gone,
They aren’t here,
And they never,
Will be again.