Pesky the Poetry Bear

Meet Pesky the Poetry Bear…
Isn’t he swell?
You can grab one for yourself,
From here as well.
100 must go,
And find a new home,
So grab yours quick,
Before they are gone.
Then when they arrive,
Remember to send,
A quick hello,
From his home in the end.

Only 98 Left!
PS: This is the last chance for ordering for Christmas delivery.

The Pesky Poet

Advent 2019: 3 Joy

It’s the season of Joy,
Throughout the world,
Today we light,
The pink candle,
Think about joy,
The shepherd of mankind.
But while there is joy,
Spend a thought,
For the less unfortunate,
Who may not be joyous,
And may be under,
A dark cloud.
Outstretch your hand,
And gift some joy,
If you can make,
Just one person smile,
You can claim success,
Today and always.

2019 Christmas Countdown 15: Mistletoe

My favourite part of this time of year,
Is sitting here with a beer,
Waiting patiently for you here,
To meet me under the white berries there.
Below the mistletoe up there,
I’ll wait to share a kiss right here,
Just sitting here with my beer,
To love you at this time of year.