I’m From The 90’s

I’m from the 90’s,
Where country roads took me home,
The cha cha slide was cool,
We danced to the achy breaky heart,
And baby was it cold out side.
We all had 99 problems,
And p!nk was just starting out,
There was lady marmalade,
And the circle of life.
But how times have changed,
We’ve had call me maybe,
And the new cha cha is gangnam,
And the circle of life is being reborn.

This Old Heart of Mine

Given the world,
I would give it away,
Just to spend my time,
Laying next to you each day.


I have had many days to myself,
And not one of them compares,
To a single hour with you.


But you don’t see me,
And although I may be a young guy,
My heart is old and waiting for you,
I just want to love you in the old fashioned way,
Long nights laying together,
Just in each others company.


Life in my mind,
Seemed easier before,
But now I spend every day,
Just longing for you to be with me.


What I would give for just a kiss,
To feel your lips on mine,
And the warmth of your breath,


But you don’t see me,
And I am starting to think,
You never will,
My heart will forever long for yours
But it knows the drill,
Smile and move on like before.


But you don’t see me,
And although I may be a young guy,
My heart is old and waiting for you,
I just want to love you in the old fashioned way,
Long nights laying together,
Just in each others company.


Maybe one day you will see me,
But until then I must wait,
And live tomorrow as another day.


Words can hurt,
Words can break,
Words can mend,
Words can make,
Words are strong,
Words are weak,
Words are soft,
Words are bleak,
Words don’t lie,
Words don’t cheat,
Words don’t sing,
Words don’t speak,
Words shouldn’t sting,
Words shouldn’t bite,
Words shouldn’t be wrong,
Words shouldn’t be right,
Words are the messenger,
The message, the point,
Words are more powerful,
Than sword or arrow point,
Words speak volumes,
But say very little,
Words can portray,
But also betray,
Words can inform,
But as easily deform,
Choose your words carefully,
Judge every one,
And remember that emotion,
Is linked to each and every one.

Passage of Time

Time opens a passage you,
Take the passage and walk awhile,
See life with open eyes,
Hear life with open ears,
Love in life with an open heart,
Think on life with an open mind,
Time opens the passage for me.
I have taken the passage.
I see life with open eyes,
I hear with open ears,
I love with an open heart,
I think on life with an open mind,
Time has opened a passage for Everyone.
Will you walk a while with me and,
See life as i do,
Hear life as i do,
Love in life as i do,
Think on life as i do,
Will you join me?


I look below the plane,
And then blankets roll over the land,
The long never ending see of white,
Like a warm coat for the earth,
And like something in a dream.

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London From Above

From above the london lights,
Shine orange, yellow and white.
The trains like worms,
Go underground,
Only to come up,
On the other side of town. 
Everyone is busy,
In their own little world.
No-one says hi,
Or whispers a word.
And I judge them here,
From my ivory tower.
Up high in the clouds,
Above the towers.
They don’t know I’m here,
Looking down on them.
As I climb higher,
In my roll of tin.
London is a blur,
Of lights on the ground.
Goodbye London,
And your mystical underground.


We all know loss,
At some point in life.
Weather its a pet,
Brother or wife.
They all hurt,
In their unique way.
And everyone has,
Something to say.
Life seems unfair,
At least for a moment.
But remember them,
And hold them close.
As if they never went away.

0. Christmas Countdown

It’s that time again,
To ring it in,
Spread the cheer,
And mark the end of the year.
Get your elf shoes on,
The tree out,
Dust off the lights,
And get excited.
Return to here,
On December the 1st,
For a daily poem,
Like a chocolate in a calendar.

Stan Lee

You changed the world with your stories,
Changed the way movies are franchised,
Built universes not just characters,
And gave us all something to Marvel at.
Rest in piece Stan Lee (1922-2018)


Where would we be,
Without the twitter verse,
And all that it’s given us.
From controversy,
To just plain funny,
And now @PeskyPoetry.
Here goes to the new page,
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Facebook, oh Facebook,
Where art thou Facebook,
On the web, hidden away,
Does this link work?
Let us see,
With a short jokey poem,
To test the sharing,
And the new page.

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Lest We Forget

Lest we forget the guns all stopped firing,
Lest we forget the drums all stopped banging,
Lest we forget the bells strike eleven,
Lest we forget the guys up in heaven,
Lest we forget all the lives that were lost,
Lest we forget all the shock that it caused,
Lest we forget the pain and the suffering,
Lest we forget the blood and the pain,
Lest we forget the poppy and it’s meaning,
Lest we forget the cause of it all,
Lest we forget this armistice day.