The Lindt Time of Year

This time of year,
Bring about good cheer,
With Lindt and yule,
And all things getting cool,
Grab a Galaxy,
Hot chocolate with me,
And let’s count down,
To the new year.

Small Wishes

Everyone has small wishes,
So remember to acknowledge them,
Don’t just reach big,
Find the small things wonderful,
And the larg will be majestic,
Find the small things fun,
And the massive will never feel dumb,
Thank the small wishes,
And the large will be a thrill,
Wanted sun and it’s here,
Smile at that though,
Wanted your favorite cake,
And hey it’s there,
Smile a little more,
Then when you get that promotion,
You will be grinning ear to ear.


Do you like gaming,
I do too,
Come see my channel,
You know you want to,
Link below,
Watch and enjoy,
While I game.

Lost for words

Today my brain,
Has been on strike,
Unsure to say,
What to write,
I’m not too stuck,
Or there’d be no poem,
On here tonight.

The UK

We are the UK,
We stood shoulder to shoulder,
On the beach on d-day,
Hatred was dropped,
Hundreds of years ago,
And petty squabbles,
Stopped when we learned to grow,
We stand shoulder to shoulder,
A nation as one,
Humans alike,


I’m not a painter,
I’m a writer,
That’s W R I T E R,
I don’t use colours,
Except in the literal sense,
And I don’t need brushes,
Except to end a sentence,
Never do I touch a paint,
Unless It’s to rhyme with complaint,
But I definitely ain’t,
I’m not a painter,
I’m a writer,
That’s W R I T E R,
It doesn’t mean,
I can’t paint a pretty picture,
I just paint figuratively,
Not literally,
I still use,
Yellows and blues,
I still evoke feeling,
I just don’t need a picture,
For people to believe in.

Today In History

Today is special,
In many ways,
It’s history shows,
Many shades,
Born in history,
Were many children,
Form poets,
To composers,
To Nazi Leaders,
And even yet,
People born today,
May grow infamous,
In the future of today,
Some names of note,
Like Nils Bohr,
Or James Whitcomb Riley,
Sit alongside those of,
Heinrich Himmler,
And Vladimir Putin,

The World On Top Of You

Do you ever feel,
The world on top of you,
Like a never ceasing tide,
Washing over you,
Not giving you rest,
Just giving you work,
Expecting too much,
Just being a jerk,
Do you ever feel,
The world on top of you?
Then don’t worry,
I feel it too.