World’s Largest Coffee Morning

Aren’t MacMillan a charitable bunch,
Helping those who need a hand,
The least we can do is grab a sponge,
Have a tea or coffee in our hands,
Give a couple of pounds,
And take part in the coffee morning,
Whether at work,
Or in a park,
At home,
Or in the dark,
Grab you drink,
And grab a slice,
Let us toast,
To MacMillan.
Thank you MacMillan,
You’ve touch so many souls,
Helped so many people,
This cake is for you,
A small donation too,
May your work continue to do good.

Happy Birthday Google

No search is,
Too large or small,
No query,
Too hard to take,
We search away,
You correct our mistakes,
But There is now,
A group of adults,
Who have never had,
To hypothesise,
Before hitting shelves,
All by themselves,
To find the answers,
Without your help.
That’s not a bad thing,
It’s only good,
An advancement,
Of our brotherhood,
An extension,
Of our intellect,
A sharing,
Across the internet.
So, Happy birthday,
Dear Google,
Happy birthday to you,
May your years be many,
And your information true,
Now and forever,
May the searching improve,
And let’s not go back,
To the days of the book.

Fantastic Beasts 10 – Pixie

Pesky Pixie,
Pokes Precisely,
Pondering Postly,
Postulating Pointedly,
Prating Proudly.

Fantastic Beasts 9 – Unicorn

I do not wish,
My life half or cursed,
Not even if,
I’m at my worst,
I’d rather be,
Placed in a hearse,
Than have my life,
Halved or cursed.

Fantastic Beasts 8 – Imp

Don’t let,
The limp Imp,
Talk to,
The sick Chimp,
Or to,
The wimp Shrimp,
Don’t trust,
That slimy, whiny, limp Imp.

Fantastic Beasts 7 – Troll

Thump Thump,
Goes the Troll,
Moan Groan,
As it crosses the hall,
Crash Bang,
It destroys the wall,
Walking away,
Not caring at all.

Fantastic Beasts 6 – Basilisk

Never before have I seen such a beast,
So long and slender yet full of meat,
The last thing I’ll see,
If I look in it’s eyes,
But who would say,
Their not mesmerised,
What a beast,
So big and strong,
Scaring even those,
Feared for long,
Two or eight legs,
It will treat you the same,
So don’t get to close,
To the fanged end.

Fantastic Beasts 5 – Mandrake

I’m still unsure,
Of what I’ve seen,
It cried like an animal,
When it looked at me,
But I could have sworn,
That it had grown,
In soil in a pot,
And not like me,
So was it a plant,
That grew from a seed,
Or was it an animal,
Like you or me.