Fantastic Beasts 4 – Hippogriff

Probably the most majestic,
Of the feathered beasts,
She has the curiosity of s cat,
And the intrigue of a dog,
With the nature of a pet.
Looks can be deceptive,
And this creature could be deceitful,
But I can see why,
It is easy to get lost,
In the beauty of the beast.

Fantastic Beasts 3 – Dragon

Some think them as savage,
I prefer misunderstood,
Misrepresented with a reputation,
Seeing the fire fly,
Brings cold saliva
To the tongue
Just like any animal,
Shown it respect,
But if you see one,
Then don’t forget to run.

Fantastic Beasts 2 – Acromantula

Out walking I stumbled,
Into a sticky web,
Quickly getting up,
I checked ahead,
A sea of misty white,
Laid before me,
Like a blanket laid,
By a giant to ensnare me,
What was that,
The sound of clicking,
The eerie noise,
From just behind me,
“Who has entered my domain”,
I jump and turn,
There before me,
The giant stood,
All eight black eyes,
Pierced my soul,
It’s black hairs rustling,
As it moved,
“Just passing through”,
I pleaded,
“Stay awhile”,
It invited,
All the while I scream inside,
Run you fool,
Run and hide.

Fantastic Beasts 1 – Thestral

Long and slender,
I see it stand,
looking around,
Delicate without a sound,
It is coming for me,
But I do not run,
It’s long wings pass me,
With barely a wisp,
Before it bucks,
And is gone,
With the night,
Into the stars.

Fantastic Beasts 0 – Here

Fantastic Beasts,
And here’s to find them,
One at a time,
Poems to honor,
Rowling’s great invention,
A simple homoge,
Not for the money.
Each will be written,
As an observer,
Viewing them,
In the wild,
With their kin.

Bedtime Rhyme

There’s a strange mythical being,
at the end of my bed,
Although it doesn’t speak,
I know what it said,
Wishing me well,
And warmly to sleep,
I sneak another view,
Of the beast of my dreams.
Off I go now,
To the land of the mind,
Where centaurs rule,
And Minotaur mine,
May my journey be safe,
And not fraught with danger,
I will see you again,
When I wake from my slumber.

Homeward Bound

So long ship,
It’s been fun,
I’ve seen the sea,
I’ve seen the sun,
Visited the history,
Visited the modern,
Found the lost,
Not mist a post,
Now back to port,
Back to the flight,
Back to the UK,
Before the end of the day,
Homeward bound,
Through Palma again,
Here I come Briton,
Counting down to touch down.