A Poem For Nice

We live in a world,
Full of beauty and hope,
Full of love and light,
Where people know good and right.
But once in awhile,
There is evil and pain,
Last night was an example,
Why did it happen again.
Words feel hollow,
In such a sad time,
When the most I can say,
Is I pray in my spare time.
To all those affected,
My thoughts are with you,
And to all those who fell,
My prayers are yours too.
To the families changed,
I offer my heart,
Although I know,
That is not very much.
Let us join together,
And share the love of the world,
Make the world happy,
Don’t let the evil win.
Everyone around,
Please bow your head,
Pray to who you believe,
Pray for both living and dead.
All of us, let’s make a difference,
Share love not hate,
Song not anger,
Share light not dark.