Brexiteer, brexiteer,
All line up, the vote is here,
Vote to leave,
Is a vote for freedom,
A vote to stay,
Is a vote for stability,
Chose your vote,
And choose it wisely,
The vote is a,
One off opportunity,
Do your research,
And be sure,
Before you choose,
win or lose.

Missed Visit

Unlocked the door,
Put down my bag,
Picked up the slip,
Look at the name,
And sign again,
How can I miss,
The gas man,
Every time,
Do they wait,
For when you’re out,
When you leave,
Gone through the gate,
Just to knock,
And post the slip,
For you to call,
To tell you,
Wait in for me,
I’ll be there some time,
Between 9 and 3,
You wait in,
And “just pop out”,
When you get back,
You find the ticket,
“Sorry you were out”.

Poem About Poetry

I wish to write,
A poem or two,
To share my emotions,
Between me and you,
Poetry is a key,
To share openly,
Without fear of being shamed,
Or harmfully named,
The thoughts that I think,
The feelings I feel,
Look closely and see,
The me behind these words,
Is realer than real.

What’s To Come?

What’s to Come,
Is poems,
One by One,
Posted here,
And shared there,
as regular as can be done.
Twice a week,
I will share a squeak,
Of poetry on here,
Tuesday and Friday,
As much as possible,
Throughout the year,
So follow, subscribe,
Or just refresh,
And feast your eyes,
On my very best,
Some of my worst,
All written in poetic verse.
When special occasions,
Check much more often,
For christmas countdowns,
And valentine’s scrawls,
I will post more and more,
And the readers call.


Welcome to round two,
Where everything is brand new,
If you read round one,
You know what’s to come,
And if you know it,
This is your welcome from the Pesky Poet.
Creatively Become Indifferent is dead,
It’s all coming here instead,
So watch out for more,
You are glad, I’m sure,
That the poetry lives.